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Mg3 g
Machine Gun
Production information


Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
Maximum Ammunition

200 rounds

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Bullets (yellow)

Rate of Fire

600 rpm (10 rounds per second)


Very accurate with a bullet spread of 200


Infinite range of 131,072 units


In Quake 3 Arena, the Machine Gun is a starting weapon, along with the Gauntlet. The Machine Gun is a surprisingly good starting weapon, as its automatic fire gives a player enough continuous firepower to get to a powerful weapon.


  • The Machine Gun is a surprisingly useful weapon. When using it, try to keep your distance. While this puts you at risk of getting killed with the Rocket Launcher's splash damage, the Machine Gun's accuracy makes it very possible to hit them no matter where they are. If you can, try to predict your target's movement. If you can get figure out your enemy's pattern, you can do a lot of damage.
  • When going against somebody that has the Machine Gun, try to move so that it's difficult to predict where you'll go. If a Machine Gunner can get a lock on you, then they can do a fair amount of damage or kill you before they go down.
  • The Machine Gun can be useful against somebody that has a Battle Suit. Since it hits targets as soon as it fires and it generates no splash damage, it can put a major dent in a Battle Suit user. Try to fight them from medium or long range, because they will use their Rocket Launcher at close range.
  • The Machine Gun can also be used to wear down targets at Railgun (very long) range; its extremely tight cone can be surprisingly useful in space maps like Q3DM19 (Apocalypse Void) or Q3DM17 (The Longest Yard). Doing so will eat up your ammunition very quickly, you won't want to make it a habit.

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