Lower mines
Lower Mines

Ground Zero


Unit 1

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New Weapons

Prox Launcher
Tesla Mines

New Powerups

Double Damage
IR Goggles

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  • Primary: Find Comm Center to retrieve orders
  • Secondary: Destroy all resistance

Not to be confused with the Lower Mines in Quake 2.

Lower Mines is first level of Unit 1 of Ground Zero. You begin the level in an unstable cave half filled with lava, which your drop pod has narrowly missed crashing into.

Almost immediately, you will have to eliminate two flyers waiting in ambush for you. To get out of the cavern, you must blast a red crystal in one corner. It explodes to reveal a hallway dug through the rock, granting access to the next areas of the map. Proceed through the facility and mine halls to the Thaelite Mines.


  • #1) At the beginning where the Flyers stay, turn left and shoot the red crystal ore until it explodes which reveals a path to the first secret area. Cross lava and get the Double Damage.
  • #2) Climb up ladder and press the button to activate the ore mover. After it stops at the opposite side, shoot the huge ore until it explodes which reveals the second secret area. Up the nearby stairs, turn left and then right to get the IR Goggles.
  • #3) In the room of two large gears, a crack on the ground is next to the corner gear. Shoot it to reveal the third secret area and get the Adrenaline.
  • #4) Climb up ladder and press the button to activate the crane. After it stops at the right side on the ground, shoot the dark box until it explodes which reveals another secret area. Jump to the hole and get the Bandolier.
  • #5) Push the lever to activate the cart track. After exiting the room, turn left and activate the lift to go down. Wait for one moving cart and jump on it to reach at top. After leaving the cart, follow it along the track and go up in the mid-air. Turn left and step on the edge to get the Body Armor.

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