TR14 Lower Hangars
Lower Hangars

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The Hangars

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The Lower Hangars are the outer perimeter of a major Strogg starport. They are a support facility, dedicated primarily to cargo processing and storage.

The level consists of numerous metallic corridors and rooms filled with machinery. There are several storage chambers with numerous crates and some cargo-hauling equipment.

The player's main task is to overcome the Strogg security systems and advance towards The Hangars.

Quick Level Completion

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Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard / Hard+

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#1: In the second crate room where you are ambushed by a Parasite, right before Secret #2's area, crouch underneath a crooked crate in the corner to find some Megahealth.

#2: In the area where you find the first elevator, on the bottom floor, stand in the room proper and look back between the two pillars. Shoot the wall with stencil writing on it directly ahead, and enter the opening to find a suit of Body Armor.

#3: Right after shutting down the red forcefields, you will find some small health powerups nestled in the elbow of a staircase. Shoot the wall panel that has black and yellow hazard stripes to reveal some Adrenaline.

#4: On the upper floor of Secret #1's area, shoot the explosive crate in the corner to reveal a button. Shoot it to open a wall compartment, revealing a Power Shield.

#5: Right after the red force field door, head in between the crate to your right and shoot the wall that is now at your left. You will find a suit of Combat Armor.



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