Light 2
Light Guard


Attack Damage

Blaster: 5

Found in

Weakest of the three processed humans, armed solely with a simple blaster.

Quake II Manual

In Quake II, the Light Guards are one of the three Stroggified humans who wear red and gray, light armor with orange shoulder plates. Light Guards are equipped with a Blaster attached to their right arm. They appear in almost every level in the game, mostly backing up the Gunner and Gladiator. Light Guards are the weakest Enemy in the game. Sometimes they drop an Armor Shard, but this is really rare.


Shoots a single beam from it's right-arm mounted Blaster dealing 5 damage. The Light Guard will then move to a different position (usually closer to the player) before launching another attack. Even though it is very easy to spot and dodge, getting hit by this weakest of attacks won't be much of a threat. The only way a Light Guard could ever kill a player is if he/she has 5 health and the Light Guard hasn't been spotted. The Light Guard isn't much of a threat either because most of the time it will miss.


  • Alone, Light Guards are extremely easy to kill. Their only ability in the Strogg Army is to waste ammo, so if the player is low on ammo, switch to the Blaster or Shotgun. If there's a group of them, use the Machine Gun and open fire, strafe and it'll be over before it begins.
  • With other enemies, the Light Guard is an insignificant speck and will most likely be killed in the crossfire as the bigger enemies are taken care of.
  • Sometimes a downed Guard of any of the three classes (Light, Shotgun or Machine Gun) will perform a final attack before actually dying, which can be dangerous if your health is low and you're right in front of them. Either avoid the attack or take a few extra shots to gib the body. In a huge group of Light Guards, take out the machine gun and shoot them down one by one. If the player has a very small amount of health, lure them out of the room and grab the shotgun. One by one they will run out and you'll be able to kill them all quick and easy.

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