A Level Theme is a categorized style of level based on mood or design. Most of the levels in Quake can be placed into different categories based on the textures of the levels.

The vanila Level Themes, or textures found in Quake, are few in number compared to the large number created by the community. Base, Medieval, Runic, and Common are the entirety of the Level Themes used in the base game. In Base, only idBase is used in vanilla Quake. Wizard, Terracotta, and Elder World are the subtypes of Medieval used in Quake.

Main Themes

  • Base - Areas inspired by Science Fictions, tend to be futuristic.
  • Canton - The Level Theme for all Q2 levels.
  • Common - The absence of a specific level theme.
  • Medieval - Areas inspired by the Middle Ages, range from the red clay palaces of Terracotta to the grey/green bricks of Wizard
  • Runic - Made of metal alloys and concrete, these dark dungeons rarely see the light of day.
  • Undefined - Level themes with no official name.

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