Q4 Law
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Machine Gun



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S.M.C., Raven Squad


African-American 3

Stop pissing around! We have to get to the LZ!

—Private Law

Private Law is a member of Raven Squad found in MCC Landing Site. He is seen first fighting some Strogg before you blast open the Surface Door with the Air Defense Cannon. When you get to the door, he is crouching and runs up when the cannon is destroyed. He says that you should follow him to the LZ. When he reaches the Landing Zone, he waits a Minute, then Starts following you to the Overturned Convoy Truck. There is a 90% Chance he is killed by the Strogg Turrets when making a break for the Truck. The best way to keep him Alive is to give suppressing fire by making the Turrets focus on you by shooting at them or by moving right in Front of him and following his pattern. Either way, you'll have to sacrifice some Health to ensure his safety. If he does make it to the Truck, he will kneel down and stay put while the USS Hannibal destroys the Bunker and lands. This is the last you see of him, regardless of whether you saved him or not.


  • Law has two unique sentences: "Let's get to the Landing Zone Marine!" and "The Hannibal's gonna to be Landing soon! We have to get there ASAP!"

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