Lava nails are armor piercing 'hot shots' from the Nailgun. They inflict more damage than regular nails. They're something to be avoided!

—Dissolution of Eternity Manual

New lava-based ammunition sears through the flesh of all the minions of Quake. Now you'll find out if Shambler tastes like chicken.

Dissolution of Eternity official website

Armor piercing hot shots from hell that inflict massive damage.

Activision’s official website

Lava Nails are a new type of ammo for the Nailgun and the Super Nailgun in Dissolution of Eternity. They are also used in the Lava Nail Shooter Trap.

Lava Nails come in two types of boxes: small and large. Small boxes contain 25 rounds while large boxes contain 50 rounds. Both of these boxes are animated.


  • In single-player, they do 15 damage per nail, an increase by two-thirds. In multiplayer, they have the same strength as Nails, but will ignore the enemy's armor, thus always causing full damage.
  • The Lava Nails appear orange when shot from the weapon, and make a distinctive hissing sound when they hit something.
  • They are ineffective against Hephaestus, as it is fully resistant to fire.
  • Lava Nails only have their damage reduced by 30% against a Power Shield.



The Nailgun or the Super Nailgun after it finishes shooting Lava NailsEdit


Weapon appearanceEdit

When Nailgun or Super Nailgun are loaded with Lava Nails, their parts glow red to indicate that this special ammo is loaded.


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