Attack Damage
  • Twin-Chaingun: 12/shot
  • BFG: 240+100/sec
Found in

In Quake 2, The Jorg is a Strogg exoskeleton piloted by the Strogg leader, the Makron. The Jorg is one of the most powerful Enemies faced in the game, second only to the Makron itself.

After destroying the leader's communication, Bitterman chases the Makron to the rooftop of the Palace and through a teleporter that leads to the Final Showdown. It's here that the player confronts the Makron one on one.

The Makron will always go into battle piloting the Jorg and will use it until it succumbs to damage, at which point the Makron will dismount it and attack the player on its own.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

  • Twin Chain Gun: The Jorg possesses twin chain guns that can deal heavy damage if the player is in the line of fire for any significant time. Each bullet does 6 damage (12 per shot) and the Jorg will fire continually dealing up to around 3,000 damage until it recoils or its target moves out of sight. By moving side to side the gun fire can be avoided. There are two pillars that can be used to take cover before countering.
  • BFG10k: As stated above, the Makron pilots Jorg (it can be seen riding on the exoskeleton's back). In between bursts of gun fire from the twin chain guns, the Makron will reveal itself and launch a blast from its arm mounted BFG. The energy ball deals around 240 on impact but during its flight to collision, the energy ball will fire damaging lasers at any near by targets, dealing about 100 damage per second. This means that merely moving out of the way of the ball or taking cover from Jorg is not enough. The player must make every effort to put as much distance from him/her and the ball as possible while keeping an eye on Jorg.


  • The one and only confrontation with the Jorg is in the Final Showdown map in the center arena of the Makron's satellite. The player must make good use of the cover provided by the two giant pillars. When Jorg is using its Chain guns, strafe left and right to avoid most of the bullets whilst countering with any weapon of your choice, no need to save ammo any more. The Chain gun works well, especially with a Quad-Damage. Don't forget the corridor under the arena floor if you're having difficulty defeating either the Jorg or Makron.
  • Circle strafing is very effective against chainguns, if done right, player won't get hurt. However this strategy breaks when Makron fires the BFG.

Death Messages Edit

  • Player was disintegrated by the Jorg's BFG blast (BFG)
  • Player saw the pretty lights from the Jorg's BFG (BFG)
  • Player 's chain-cannons Jorg (Chainguns, Bugged Message)


  • Jorg will continue firing chainguns even when his target is dead, even when its gibbed, he will fire for a few seconds. Also, when idle he seems to be angry and just can't stand in place and stomps the ground. Due to this, it can be assumed, that Makron relies on berserk fury in combat, and made Jorg which is just furious in battle.