Jeremiah Anderson
Biographical information



Chicago, Illinois


Killed by a Strogg Scientist

Physical description

Private First Class




6' (182.88 cm)


150Lbs(68.04 kg)

Additional information

S.M.C., Rhino Squad


Possibly Stroggified to Strogg


Private First Class Jeremiah Anderson is a nineteen year old Rhino Squad medic from Chicago, Illinois.


Anderson comes from an affluent family, using his grandfather's position as a General in order to reassign himself into Rhino Squad after joining the Space Marine Corps. Prior to the invasion of Stroggos, Anderson had been in Rhino Squad for a year despite Bidwell's harsh training.


During the invasion of Stroggos, Anderson remained at the Rhino Squad crash-site with Sgt. Morris, attempting to stabilize Medic Metcalf's collapsed lung. Afterwards, he is brought by Matthew Kane to attend to Pvt. Chase's leg injuries, later he disappeared until the Operation: Advantage. After Kane is Stroggified, Anderson is present in his rescue and by request of 1stLt. Scott Voss identifies Kane's neurocyte as inactive and tries to escort him to Falcon Five for a medical evacuation. After the dropship is destroyed, he attempts to return back to Rhino Squad with Kane, but is ambushed and killed by a Strogg Scientist who drags his corpse away for producing even more Tactical Strogg.


Hey, you're Kane right? Here, let me heal you. If you find any medkits, they can also heal you.

There is a guy injured? Yeah, I can go, lead the way.

So many lives wasted.

Don't worry, you'll be fine.

I've given him a medkit. He should be back on foot in no time.

You continue to surprise by staying alive with foot and hands. Congratulations.

Sir, according to the med-chip, this is Matthew Kane!

No, the chip inside hasn't activated yet, the Strogg do not control him.

You can't run around with no arms. Grab Morris' weapons.

You want something?

Got it, Kane, this way.

Shit, there goes our only way out!

I copy, Lieutenant! Anderson out.


  • Given that his corpse was dragged away, it's unknown whether Anderson was killed or stroggified.
  • Anderson weighs one hundred and fifty pounds (68.04 kg), making him the third lightest Rhino Squad member. He is also six feet (182.88 cm) tall. At nineteen years of age, Anderson is the youngest Rhino Squad member.
  • Oddly, Anderson is a Private First Class rather than a Medic.


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