Jacket 2
Jacket Armor
Damage Absorption


Found in

Quake 2


In Quake 2, Jacket Armor absorbs 30% of an attack and gives you 25 armor points, with a max of 50 points. the Jacket Armor is the weakest type in the game, but should be picked up because it gives you protection. It is Quake 2's equivalent of the Green Armor found in Quake 1.


Single PlayerEdit

In single player, Jacket Armor is the most common type of armor in the game until you get out of the Factory hub. Early in the game, it provides good protection against the weak Guards and Enforcers, but it doesn't cut it against Gunners, Gladiators and Tanks.


While the Jacket Armor has a low absorption percent, it will protect you from getting killed by a Railgun in one shot, so grab it as soon as you see it. It's better than nothing.