Invulnerability Shield

Invulnerability Shield is a pickup usable item in Quake 3 Team Arena. When activated, it freezes the player in place, even in mid-air and surrounds him or her with mostly impenetrable, crackling shield of magenta energy.

This energy shield lasts for 10 seconds, immobilizing the carrier and deflecting any incoming projectiles. The carrier can still fire though. However, Proximity Mines can be lobbed into this mostly impenetrable shield since they have a short arming sequence before becoming a real threat. If the player has full health, very strong armor, and is equipped with Battle Suit, then this technique will critically injure him, and after the shield runs out, he becomes an easy target.

Once picked up, the Shield can be activated at any time by pressing the Enter key (by default), just like the other carried items in the game.




Quake III Team Arena rare "Juiced" effect00:13

Quake III Team Arena rare "Juiced" effect

How the Invulnerability Shield is vulnerable to Proximity Mine Launcher.

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