Introduction is the starting area of Quake. This level is a hub level, made only to link to other levels. It is an experimental concept which allows the player to select the Episode and Difficulty through in-game navigation, rather than the traditional splash screen.

In this hub, the player selects a difficulty and level by going through corridors to the area they wish. The Easy selection is a clean and simple hallway, the Normal selection is a more menacing metallic bridge over muddy water, and the Hard selection is a broken bridge over a pool of Lava.

The Episode entrances are designed to reflect the nature of the dimension they lead into. The entrance to the Shareware episode, Dimension of the Doomed, is a simple idBase-themed room. A dark and sinister Wizard-themed hallway leads into The Realm of Black Magic. A bizarre walkway over Lava, bearing the distinguishable characteristics of the Runic style, leads towards The Netherworld. An eerie room, an example of Elder World architecture holds the slipgate to The Elder World. Finally, a hidden final passage leads deep below the hub, to Shub-Niggurath's Pit where the game's final battle takes place. This means that this level has parts of all themes which is stored in a separate .wad file, meaning it could technically be considered to have its own theme (though as this would be the only level of that theme, it would be rather redundant).

The player will return to this room to select another episode after they beat an Episode. The entrances to completed Episodes will be sealed off and will not available for playing until a New Game is started. Weapons and Ammo do not carry over to this level, meaning the only new item a player will have after each Episode is a Rune. This level does not have a specific Level Theme, as many different textures are used in an attempt to show the capabilities of the engine.

Quick Level Completion

  • Choose your difficulty (If this is the first time you are on the map).
  • Choose the episode you wish to play.
  • When all four episodes are done, go down the stairs to the exit to the final level.




Welcome to Quake! You have two weapons at your disposal when the game starts. The Axe and the Shotgun. The Axe is melee, while the Shotgun is ranged.

Select your Difficulty via walking through one of three corridors into the Teleporters at the end, marked from left to right - Easy (for rookies), Medium (For beginners and trainers), and Hard (For experienced players). The three different levels change the number and type of enemies encountered. On the Hard passageway there is a Lava pit to jump over.

Once you chose your difficulty, you must choose the episode you wish to play. From left to right the Slipgates are Dimension of the Doomed, The Realm of Black Magic, The Netherworld, and The Elder World. Once all four episodes are completed a new passageway will open in the ground leading to Shub-Niggurath's Pit, where Shub-Niggurath awaits you.

Nightmare (the hardest Difficulty, hidden so as not to be inadvertently chosen by inexperienced players) is found by going down the passageway of The Elder World until arriving at a pool of Water. Dive in the pool but keep to the side you jumped off of. Sliding against that edge, keep going until you fall on to a pair of wooden beams. Walk on the wooden beams over to another passageway leading to a Teleporter that has a red fluid in the middle instead of brown. Shoot the Button nearby to get a message telling you that The Well of Wishes awaits you in the Crypt of Decay. When you cross through that you will find the entrance to Nightmare mode. Nightmare mode uses the same monsters as Hard, but makes them move and fire faster.




Introduction (Deathmatch)02:44

Introduction (Deathmatch)

Spawn Locations


  • According to John Carmack, id Software received a money offer from an early Internet company to insert a sponsored advertisement in this level, but id Software decided not to on basis of it being ‘tacky.’ [1]



  1. post by John Carmack where he stated, ‘We had a pretty good money offer to put a sponsored add [sic] in the Quake 1 entry level. We decided not to just on the basis of it being tacky, which was for the best, considering the company (some random early internet company) dissapeared [sic] into obscurity.
N/A Quake Levels E1M1: the Slipgate Complex
E2M1: the Installation
E3M1: Termination Central
E4M1: the Sewage System
Shub-Niggurath's Pit

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