Introduction is the starting area of Dissolution of Eternity where players appear when they start a New Game.


Enter the passage corresponding to the level of difficulty you prefer and enter the portal. Be careful with the Hard mode selection - the thin bridge over the lava will shake violently and it's easy to fall off. There is a fourth portal, which selects Nightmare difficulty, yet it is well hidden.

Once you have passed through the portal, you can choose which Episode you wish to play - it is recommended that you start with Episode 1 - Hell's Fortress, since starting with the second episode means you miss half the game, and who wants that? Unlike with the main Quake game, you do not return to this hub once you complete an episode.

Nightmare DifficultyEdit

To the left and to the right of the doorways that lead to the Episode selection slipgates are dark dead ends. If you stand next to the wall farthest to the left or right and look up, you should see a shootable button in each of these two hallways. There is a third button as well - it is behind the portal that takes you back to the difficulty selection room. Aim a little higher than your head and shoot it.

Once this is done, two small secret lifts will be active under the lava-filled hole in the ceiling (near the portal where the third button is). Ride them up and you will be teleported to a hidden chamber, where the Nightmare selection can be found.


  • A 100 Health box is visible in an alcove above the entrance to the Episode 2 selection chamber. It's accessible in Multiplayer (there are small steps on the wall), but there is no way to get it in Single Player. The box's presence could be an oversight by the level designer, unless it was left there deliberately to tease the player.



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