TR09 Industrial Facility
Industrial Facility

The Reckoning


Unit 3

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New Weapons

Phalanx Particle Cannon


The Industrial Facility is the first level of Unit 3 of The Reckoning. It is the central hub of the Strogg industrial complex and is connected to several other areas.

The facility appears to serve support functions, including storage and distribution. Many areas are secured with locked doors or force fields. Accessing the Outer Base requires a Green Keycard, and accessing the Refinery - a Red Keycard.

Quick Level Completion

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Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard / Hard+

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Four out of five secrets are available on your first visit.

#1: When you enter the courtyard, jump onto the narrow ledge on your left. Follow it around, and then leap from concrete block to concrete block. Your acrobatics will be rewarded with the Phalanx Particle Cannon.

#2 & 3: In the first room past the courtyard, in the garage, pick up anything you want from the crates. Then, shoot the explosive crate near the ceiling to reveal a staircase. Your prize is a Bandolier and three Parasites. Then, while still inside the hidden area, turn around and shoot the button that was hidden behind the explosive crate to earn a Quad Damage.

#4: To the left of the green keycard door, the ventilation duct dips down conspicuously. Drop into the recess and shoot the wall to find some Megahealth.

The following becomes available on your third visit:

#5: In the room with the S-shaped staircase, on the upper floor, there are some crates with Body Armor on top. To reach it, jump on top of the little blue light and use it as a stepping stone.



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