X hyperblasguard
Hyper Blaster Guard


Attack Damage
  • (1) Hyper Blaster
Found in

The Reckoning


These troops have a modified version of the Hyper Blaster as a deadly prosthetic.

—The Reckoning Manual

The Hyper Blaster Guard is one of three new guards introduced in The Reckoning. The Guard fires blue energy shots which deal 1 damage each.


  • Hyperblaster: Hyper Blaster Guards shots multiple weak blue blaster bolts.


  • Despite being a Guard, Hyper Blaster Guard has fair amount of health for a weak Enemy. Although a point blank shot from the Super Shotgun will gib it, players may be taken off guard when this enemy survives a shot from range.
  • Although its attack is weak,  most of the time they will attack in groups and can deal a lot of damage together.