P hossman
Biographical information
Physical description



5'10" (1.78 m)[1]


300 lbs. (136 kg)[1]


Lightning Gun, Rocket Launcher

Additional information


Note to self, can't collect price on own head.

—Hossman's self-kill message

Hossman is one of the low tier bots. He shows up with Daemia in "The Forgotten Place". He favors the Lightning Gun and Rocket Launcher, but doesn't really pay attention to grenades. On the level, just camp out the rocket spawn and unerringly go for it, leaving him open to a well-placed rocket. Hossman is a bounty hunter, but unlike Daemia, he doesn't go for demons.

Hossman has exceedingly good Lighning Gun skills but can't show the same success at Rocket Launcher or Machine Gun.

Quake III bioEdit

Hossman is a professional bodyguard who's not so principled that he wouldn't put the hit on an employer if the situation were right for it. He's ex-Army National Guard and a former private investigator. He's urban (despite chaps), clever and mercenary. He's confident in his skills, but not so arrogant that it becomes a handicap.[1]


Hossman and Biker are the only bots in Quake 3 Arena with visible tattoos. Hossman's tattoos represent the Strogg insignia.


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