Attack Damage

(40) Fire Balls

Found in

Dissolution of Eternity


Hephaestus are encountered in the Fire section of Elemental Fury II. Here the player fights four of them as they progress through the area to the exit. When each one is killed, a switch is revealed, all four switches need to be pressed to gain access to the end of the level, meaning that the player must kill all four to win.


Hephaestus resembles a smaller version of the Quake boss Chthon and shares its lava ball attacks, though unlike Chthon the lava demons can be killed with the player's normal weapons. The lava balls look the same but they are weak in comparison to its big brother, but they still do 40 damage which will hurt. It is fairly easy to strafe side-to-side (avoiding the balls) whilst returning fire.


The area layout of each encounter differs slightly but all areas offer good enough room to strafe and they are all large enough to put enough space in between the player and the Hephaestus to use explosive weapons like the Rocket Launcher with Multi Rockets (which is recommended as weapon of choice as it will kill these things quickly and ammo is plenty).

Avoid using the Nailgun or Super Nailgun with Lava Nails against them, because they are resistant to fire.

The Hephaestus take a beating with 1,725 health, but as long as the player avoids the lava balls, the 4 battles are pretty much a push over.

Death MessagesEdit

  • "Player" fries in Hephaestus' fury

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