Hell Spawn Hell Spawn nospots
Hell Spawn


Attack Damage
  • Jump (11-20)
  • Explosion (120)
Found in

Dissolution of Eternity


A deadly upgrade to Quake's spawn.

—Dissolution of Eternity Manual

Hell Spawn are a greenish variant of Quake's Spawn or Tarbaby, found in the Quake expansion Dissolution of Eternity.


  • The main difference between the Hell Spawn and its blueish cousin is its ability to duplicate itself infinitely. Because of this, it should be killed as soon as possible.
  • Duplicates (green spawns without orange "eyes") incapable of further replication and could be dealt with later.
  • Hell Spawn activates only second or so after becoming aware of player. If you have noticed it as well this pause allows you to easy kill monster with rocket/grenade launcher without giving it opportunity to make any copies.
  • If you see a Hell Spawn in a room full of Enemies, attack it first, preferably from a distance before it starts jumping at you. It has same health as the regular Spawn so it should go down quicker. If it duplicates, though, you can either kill the duplicate, which shouldn't be too hard because there is a brief moment before it starts attacking, or run out of the room and try to rain grenades on them from a safe place. Basically, fighting a Hell Spawn boils down to speed or safety.

Death Messages Edit

  • "Player" was slimed by a Spawn

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