Armagon's Lair is the final level of Scourge of Armagon. It is here that the final battle with Armagon himself takes place. In the level's center is the dimensional rift that the creature intends to use to invade Earth.

The game ends when the boss is defeated. In a scripted sequence, the rift closes and a slipgate is revealed, taking the player back to Command HQ.

Quick Level CompletionEdit

  • Approach the cylinder in the center of the arena to make Armagon appear.
  • Defeat Armagon and watch the game's ending.

Walkthrough Edit

The sole objective here is to defeat Armagon in a one on one battle. Armagon is found within the cylinder at the centre of the map. The map is a single large spherical room lined with pillars. The cylinder will begin to spin violently before exploding, thus revealing Armagon and beginning the final showdown.

The cylinder will not budge until the player approaches it so stay beyond the pillars when the level starts. Instead of approaching it, run along the edge of the map and pick up all the health and ammo pickups. The map is generous in these pickups and so the player is best of making the most of them. Once the player is ready, he/she must then approach the cylinder. It will begin to spin faster and faster until it explodes. Armagon will then appear and attack.

Use the pillars for cover and take pot shots, moving from pillar to pillar whilst sprinting. Armagon possesses weapon capabilities that are unrivaled by any other monster in the two games thus far. Armagon’s repeater dual rocket launchers will rip the player a new one within seconds. Avoiding this attack is key to surviving long enough to deal enough damage to Armagon.

One way to trick Armagon is to lead him to a pillar and then stay with that one pillar. Take pot shots before taking cover and every so often, Armagon will unleash its devastating rocket attack. Of course, when the player takes cover moments before the attack, Armagon will aim at the player, with the pillar in the way and thus will attack the pillar at point blank range. Armagon will receive splash damage from its own attack and thus make for an easier victory.

Differences from Easy to NormalEdit

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Differences from Normal to Hard/NightmareEdit

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Completion TextEdit

After the last echoes of Armagon's death yell fade away, you breathe a heavy sigh of relief. With the loss of his magic, Armagon's fortress begins to collapse. The rift he created to send his grisly troops through time slowly closes and seals itself forever. In the chaos that ensues, a wall collapses, revealing one remaining time portal. With your chances to escape rapidly growing slim, you race for the portal, mindless of your destination. In a flash of light, you find yourself back at Command HQ, safe and sound. Congratulations! You are victorious! The minions of Quake have once again fallen before your mighty hand. Is this the last you will see of Quake's hellions? Only time will tell...

—Armagon Defeated


Depending on where Armagon stands when he explodes, the player may walk through Armagon's legs when the scripted cutscene has the player running for the portal.



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