The Gauntlet is the fourth level of The Rift. As its name suggests, the level consists of a series of tests for the player - monster encounters and deadly traps. A part of the level includes a river of blood. If they survive, players will reach the portal that will take them to the final showdown with Armagon.

An interesting feature of this level is the hidden logo of Hipnotic Software within one of the secret areas.

Quick Level CompletionEdit

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Walkthrough Edit

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Differences from Easy to NormalEdit

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Differences from Normal to Hard/NightmareEdit

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  • 1): Right at the beginning, shoot the four demon heads on the walls to reveal a button that will make a Red Armor rise from the floor.
  • 2): After rising through the elevator shaft with the Scrags, shoot the demon head on the left to open an alcove in the right wall with a 100 Health.
  • 3): After opening the silver door, go up and stairs and jump on top of it to press a button that will open a door on the nearby wall, leading to a Pentagram Of Protection and the Hipnotic Software logo. A shootable button above will make the logo spin.
  • 4): In the same room as #3, shoot the wall behind the stairs to access a space with a teleporter to the top of the room, where you can collect a Quad Damage.
  • 5): On the bridge with the Vore, jump down to the right and swim through the opening in the wall to reach a secret area with Rockets and a Yellow Armor, and a teleporter that will take you back to the bridge.
  • 6): After emerging from the blood river section full of Rotfish, walk into the wall between the stairs and the large demon face overlooking the room to open it, revealing two Nails and a 100 Health.


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HIP3M3: Limbo or HIPDM1: The Edge of Oblivion Quake Levels HIPEND: Armagon's Lair

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