Limbo is the third level of The Rift. The map consists of a series of corridors and rooms, populated by numerous powerful enemies. A part of the level is occupied by a water canal that players can swim through, as well as a system of walkways above it. Somewhere within Limbo is the secret portal to The Edge of Oblivion.

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Differences from Normal to Hard/NightmareEdit

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  • 1): In the room where you are ambushed by Gremlins, shoot the cross next to the stairs to open a secret on the other side containing Shells, Nails, Cells, and the Mjolnir.
  • 2): In the water section, jump into the water after collecting the Wetsuit and shoot the wall to the right of the grate to open it: go through it and emerge to collect a 100 Health (You can shoot a red rune in the corridor near the rapid-firing spike trap to open a trapdoor that takes you immediately to the Wetsuit's location).
  • 3): After opening the silver door, shoot the wall next to the gold key to reveal an alcove with a Yellow Armor.
  • 4): In the same room as #3, shoot the cross above the sealed tunnel to raise the bars, opening the way to the secret exit. This also opens the bars sealing the water pipe above the silver key court, which is an alternative path to this exit.


Loading HIP2M1 before this map will cause GLQuake to crash due to a texture conflict between metal5_8 and metal5_8. This can be resolved by simply renaming the metal5_8 texture in hip3m3.bsp.



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