Pandemonium is the second level of The Rift. It is a dark and dangerous place, populated by numerous monsters and riddled with pools of lava. The level is very similar in style to the maps in The Netherworld from Quake.

There is a level with the same name in Doom.

Quick Level CompletionEdit

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Walkthrough Edit

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Differences from Easy to NormalEdit

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Differences from Normal to Hard/NightmareEdit

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  • 1): Right at the starting point there's a platform above you. Shoot the green light to the left to open the wall behind it, revealing an alcove with the Nailgun.
  • 2): In the following room, shoot the light facing the elevator to access the small room with the Grunts next to the corridor, collecting a Yellow Armor, Shells and Nails.
  • 3): After opening the barrier to the Silver Runekey room, walk through it and shoot the wall immediately to your left to access a secret alcove with the Thunderbolt.
  • 4): Shoot the wall behind the Silver Runekey to reveal a teleporter that will take you above the room's ceiling, where you can find two Rockets, two Cells and three 25 Health. Be careful not to fall into the lava pit when you drop back down.
  • 5): After collecting the Gold Runekey, look down to the left behind you and you'll see a red button. Shoot it to open the wall on the other side of the platform, revealing a 100 Health.


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