Tur Torment is the first level of The Rift. Its main features are a large outdoor area with a tram-like contraption, a tower-like structure, and a number of large spacious hallways. Outside the main structure is a lake of Slime infested with Zombies. This level is also notable in which collecting the Horn of Conjuring will summon a Shambler.

Quick Level CompletionEdit

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Walkthrough Edit

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When using the trolley, you will want to leap off on top of the near side of the gap with the slime pool and collect rockets to take out the Vores on the far cliffs. If you try to cross over to the far side on the trolley without doing this, the Vores will most likely kill you then.

Differences from Easy to NormalEdit

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Differences from Normal to Hard/NightmareEdit

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  • 1): Peek out from the trolley's starting point to the left to see a door. Walk along the thin ledge to reach it and open a secret alcove containing Rockets.
  • 2): As the trolley leaves, jump to the right on top of the roof to collect Nails, Rockets, and a 100 Health off the left side of the building.
  • 3): From the roof of #2, jump to the ledge along the cliff to collect more Rockets and trigger another secret. If you go further and keep climbing along the cliff, you will eventually find a very thin ledge: if you can walk along it, you can sequence-break the map and directly reach the top of the tower with the silver key, triggering a message that reads "You're not supposed to be here!"
  • 4): In the tower's middle floor (the one with the large grate), look up to see a button. Shoot it to open the large demon face below you, revealing two 25 Health and a Ring of Shadows.
  • 5): In the corridor next to the same floor as #4, approach the leftmost of the three demon faces to open a door to a secret with a Quad Damage.
  • 6): In the large stairway room, shoot the brick with a cup mark on it to make two more bricks pop out and a 100 Health appear on a nearby ledge. Jump across them to collect it.
  • Extra): Behind the left torch near the gold key door there is a teleporter that will warp you to the top of the exit room where a Pentagram of Protection is located.


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