The Gremlin's Domain is the second secret level of Scourge of Armagon. The level takes place within a large castle and features several outdoor areas. Despite its name, Gremlins are not the predominant enemy and there are plenty of Knights and other evil creatures patrolling the hallways.

Quick Level Completion Edit

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Differences from Easy to Normal Edit

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Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare Edit

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  • #1:) Down the stairs from the beginning of the level, there is an Ogre behind some metal bars. Shoot the wall to the right to open it and gain access to a staircase leading up to the Ogre and some yellow armor.
  • #2:) In the square room with the metal grate leading to water, located down the stairs to the left of the gold key door, turn around to face the stairs and look up. Shoot the button on the ceiling and the pillar in the middle of the room with the gold key door will lower, revealing a 100 Health pickup. Look up and there is a shootable button which the pillar in the middle of the room once blocked. Shoot it, and one of the stone faces will open and a staircase will slide into place, allowing you into the secret which will have the Thunderbolt.
  • #3:) After collecting the wetsuit, open the door to the stairs leading into the water and look up. There is a shootable button. Shooting it will open the ceiling at the end of the underwater hallway before it turns to the right, revealing a small room with a Quad Damage inside.
  • #4:) In the room with the silver key (found right after getting #4), the diamond shaped piece of the floor the key rests on is a button. Pressing it opens the wall to the left, which leads to a secret elevator and the Mjolnir.
  • #5:) Shoot the paned glass window facing the silver key door to reveal a teleporter that will take you to the room with the Death Knight under the large grate near the beginning of the map, containing Rockets and a Red Armor.
  • #6:) In the room after going through the gold door key, there is a stone face which is glowing yellow. Shooting this wall will make it open, revealing a Ring of Shadows.


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