The Black Cathedral is the second level of Dominion of Darkness. True to its name, the level's layout is similar to a cathedral - with a large central chamber, a series of corridors and rooms around it, stained glass windows, a library, and a belltower-like structure. A particularly interesting design feature is the clock above the entrance (shown in the screenshot).

Quick Level Completion

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Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare

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  • In the corner of the library room, there is a book sticking out of a bookshelf. Push it to make the wall revolve, revealing a secret room.
  • At the large cathedral hall, look up and shoot the Button on the ceiling. When triggered, it will cause one of the pews to slide revealing a teleporter.
  • In the room that contains the button to open the tower, there is a distinctive door-like panel on one of the walls. Shoot it.
  • In another bookshelf in one of the corridors, you'll find another book sticking out. Push it.
  • In the room with the dropping floor segments above a pit of lava, there is a shootable plate located above the entranceway.


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External Links

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