Ancient Realms is the first level of Dominion of Darkness. Having passed through the gateway, the player once again finds himself in the hostile other dimension. Ahead lies a small castle, full of new enemies and artifacts to discover. Somewhere within it is the hidden portal to the Gremlin's Domain.

Quick Level Completion Edit

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Walkthrough Edit

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Differences from Easy to Normal Edit

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Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare Edit

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  • #1) When you stay before first doors - turn left and look for a shootable button. After you shoot it - you can dive to the pool to get 100 Health and 40 Shells.
  • #2) In the room with Nailgun and the metal door - part of a wall under the wooden ramp is different. Shoot it to get Red Armor.
  • #3) Jump to the opened metal door, there is a button here. Press it and jump to the opened area to get Proximity Gun.
  • #4) There are 3 sequence buttons around the room with the blue key. The ladder with Horn of Conjuring have a shootable button exactly opposite the sequence button. Shoot it and get Quad Damage in the opened alcove.
  • #5) The ladder with Green Armor - there is a shootable button above. Shoot it and get 100 Health.
  • #6) There is Empathy Shield in the room behind the silver key door. To get it - blow wooden bars with a grenade/proximity grenade.
  • #7) When you reach the ramp above the metal door (before the external gallery) - shoot the square window to get Ring of Shadows.
  • #8) There is a shootable button above the level exit. Shoot it to lover the barrier in the Secret #3 and go to the secret exit to HIP2M6: The Gremlin's Domain.


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HIP1M4: Research Facility Quake Levels HIP2M2: The Black Cathedral or HIP2M6: The Gremlin's Domain

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