The Research Facility is the final level of the Fortress of the Dead. It is mostly indoors and has multiple floors connected by elevators and stairs. Some areas of the base have been infiltrated by monsters from the other dimension. The level's ending is particularly spectacular - it is a huge dimensional gateway that the player has to pass through.

Quick Level CompletionEdit

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Differences from Easy to NormalEdit

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Differences from Normal to Hard/NightmareEdit

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Episode Completion TextEdit

Deep within the bowels of the Research Facility, you discover the passage that the followers of Quake have used to enter our world. The bastards used some type of gigantic teleporter to overload one of our own slipgates! As long as this portal exists, Earth will never be safe from Quake's cruel minions. If you can find the source of the portal's power, you can shut it down -- possibly forever. With only a moment's consideration for your own safety, you re-enter the dark domain, knowing Hell would be a better fate than experiencing the reign of Quake.

—Fortress of the Dead Completed


  1. The room with Silver Key: go up the ramp, when you reach the top you hear an opening door. Drop down to bottom to see a new opening.

2. After silver door, up the lift, you reach a room with some terminals. At the other end of the room, one row of terminals has a button at the side. Press, 2 terminals slide open.

3. Facing the gold door, turn left and shoot the small blue light.


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Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rottweiler 7 10 9
Grunt 21 18 14
Enforcer 5 34 44
Centroid 0 3 8
Rotfish 3 6 8
Ogre 1 0 0
Shambler 0 1 3
Total 37 72 86



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