The Lost Mine is the third level of Fortress of the Dead. It consists of two small buildings on the surface and a series of tunnels underground. The level introduces a new type of hazard — rolling boulders that can crush a careless player. The mine tunnels are littered with debris and there are occasional Earthquakes, which are dangerous if the player is near a Lava pit. The lowest level of the mines is infested with Zombies and also features a convenient express elevator that takes somebody all the way back to the surface.

Quick Level CompletionEdit

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Collect the small box of Nails in front of you, and the two 25 Health behind you. Proceed forward until you hear a Rottweiler. Turn left and kill it. Collect the large box of Rockets and the Double-Barreled Shotgun in the area with the dead Rottweiler. Turn back and kill the Grunt that shows up ahead of you. Collect the Nailgun and the small box of Shells near the dead Grunt. Continue forward and collect the 25 Health. Collect the large box of Nails up against the gray walls to the left. Continue forward until you spot a Super Nailgun to your right, then pick it up. Take a few steps back, and continue forward, taking the door to the right. Kill the Grunt in this room. Get the 25 Health and the small box of Shells to the left of you, and collect the Proximity Launcher in the center of this same room. Touch the machinery to the right of the Proximity Launcher, and proceed through the other door in this room. Kill the Grunt in this area. Take the small box of Rockets ahead of you and pick up the Quad Damage to the left of the Rockets. Face the Grunt to the right of the Rockets, and kill him. Head down to the area with the gray wall, and take the two 25 Health on the shelf to the left. Go past the gray wall, and approach the mountainside. Take the gray ramp to your left, and collect the large box of Rockets in front of you. Kill the 3 Grunts and the Enforcer behind you on this gray structure. Take the gray ramp to the right, and kill the 2 Enforcers up here. There exists a Empathy Shield ahead and to the left. Take the Grenade Launcher ahead to the right on the gray structure below. Return up the gray ramp and pick up the Empathy Shield that was ahead of you. Turn around, and continue forward past the brown wall to your left. Shortly after passing that brown wall, turn left and jump down to take the 2 small boxes of Rockets ahead of you. Return to your path, and continue down it. You should see a large box of Cells against a mountainside. Pick those up, then take several steps. Face the bronze machinery to your right, and kill the Grunt on it. Approach the bronze machinery, and pick up the 100 Health towards the left. Turn left, and kill the Grunt ahead of you. Take the large box of Shells that is ahead, up against the mountainside. Continue down the gray route, and kill the Grunt by the Rocket Launcher. Pick up that firearm, and go straight down your path from the opposite direction. Get the large box of Nails on the rubble in front of you. Continue up the rubble until you are on the bronze machinery. Face the Grunt behind you on the bronze machinery and kill him. Go forward, and collect the 2 small boxes of Rockets and the Yellow Armor between them that are all on the opposite end of the bronze machinery.

Return to the dirty path below, facing the large hole in the mountainside. Kill the 3 Grunts in this cavern. Collect the small box of Shells that’s near the entry to the right of you. On the wall in front of you there are two metallic caches. Come up to them to open them up, revealing a 25 Health in both. Take a few steps out of the entry, and face the Green Armor to your right, picking it up. Continue down the track. You will experience an Earthquake down here. Get on the large boulder in front of you, and get on the highest part of it. Face the 100 Health to your left, and jump over to collect it. Continue down the tracks, and kill the 2 Grunts towards your left. Continue again down the tracks, and you should experience another Earthquake. Kill the 3 Grunts down here. Follow the path to your right, and you should see an entry to the left and rubble to the right. Ignore the rubble for now. Go down the entry to the left. Kill the Rottweiler and the Grunt to the left ahead of you. Go through the entry in front of you, and pick up the large box of Nails ahead. Collect the 25 Health to its left. Face the next entry to your left, and destroy the Radioactive Container ahead of you. Quickly get underneath the arch so that you don’t get crushed by rubble. Follow the tracks, and quickly pick up the Laser Cannon up against the rocky wall. Be careful not to get crushed from above when collecting it.

Hurry back in the room with the rubble in it. Go past the rubble and follow the tracks downwards. Stay on the left rail that’s above a Lava pit, and collect the Red Armor and the 2 small boxes of Rockets after that left rail. Shoot the Scrag and the Enforcer behind you. Up against both the left and right corners there exist 2 small boxes of Nails. Collect them both, and carefully follow the rail back that’s over the Lava pit. Take the entry to your left. In the dark right corner ahead there exists a Zombie. Destroy it. Remain on one of the rails, because fractions of the earth will sink beneath you, revealing more Lava. Take a few steps in the next entry, and destroy the Zombie near the left wall. Reach the end of the rails with the red Button ahead of them, and turn right to face the 2 Enforcers ahead of you. Collect the Silver Key that’s behind their bodies. Turn left, and collect the three 25 Health up against the rocky wall. Return to the area with the red Button, and press it. Wait for the Elevator to arrive, and get on it. Wait until you reach the top, and enter the door in front of you. Kill the Enforcer ahead of you. Take a few steps forward, and face the door to the left. Unlock it, and go straight across. After hearing a Grunt, turn left and kill him. Returning to your path, go through the now unlocked entry. Kill the Grunt up against the left wall. Follow the corridor, and kill the Grunt patrolling the area at the opposite end. Take several steps forward, and face the 2 Grunts to your left. Kill them both, and take the path on the right. Press the Button on the left wall, and continue down the entry next to that Button. Go underneath the first crusher after it crushes, then go past the next one after it crushes. Repeat this process for the next two. Head straight down the tumblers, avoiding the small boulder in the last one. After that, turn left and kill the Enforcer below and ahead of you. Go into the dark cave ahead.

Differences from Easy to NormalEdit

  • There is a Grunt next to the first Rottweiler.
  • The Grunt guarding the large door became an Enforcer
  • There are 2 Enforcers instead of a Grunt in the room with the Proximity Launcher.
  • An Enforcer replaces the Grunt who guards the Silver Door.
  • An Enforcer replaces the Grunt at the end opposite of the Quad Damage.
  • An Enforcer replaces the Grunt in the area with the gray ramp.
  • A Centroid replaces the Enforcer who patrols the same metal floor that the Empathy Shield is on.
  • There exists a Grunt guarding the ledge with the 2 Rockets.
  • There are 5 Enforcers patroling the upper metal floor with the Cells.
  • An Enforcer replaces the Grunt on the bronze pipes.
  • An Enforcer protects the Rocket Launcher.
  • There are 2 Grunts and an Enforcer in the initial area of the mine, not 3 Grunts.
  • Down the first ramp after the rolling boulder, there exist 3 Enforcers (not 2 Grunts) on the ground near the bronze pipes. There iss also another one in the room right next to them, rather than another Grunt.
  • There is no Rottweiler or Grunt in the room before the 4 computer consoles.
  • There exists a Centroid at the end opposite from the Radioactive Container, in front the 4 computers.
  • There is a Scrag in the room after the Radioactive Container explodes.
  • The rail above the Lava pit is now broken in half.
  • Above the first Lava pit, 3 Scrags float below the broken rail, not just one.
  • A Centroid, rather than an Enforcer, shows up after somebody jumps over the gap in the broken rail.
  • 2 Zombies are hidden in the dark corners after the lengthy Lava pit, and one exists in the opposite space. Previously just one Zombie was hidden.
  • A Shambler, instead of 2 Enforcers, protects the Silver Key.
  • There are 2 Enforcers instead of 1 in the room after the lengthy Elevator shaft.
  • An Enforcer and a Grunt show up at the area left before the next Silver Door. Also, 2 Enforcers appear on the metal floor above.
  • Another Enforcer will appear on the bronze pipes after getting the Silver Key.
  • Immediately after the Silver Door, an Enforcer exists in the darkness to the left.
  • 3 Enforcers patrol the room before the crushers, and there is another one stilly guarding the red steps. In the same room, an Enforcer guards the 100 Health in Secret #3.
  • The metal tumblers have blades, and the last one has another rock rolling around in it.
  • 3 Enforcers stilly guard the area after the two tumbling rocks, not just 1.

Differences from Normal to Hard/NightmareEdit


  • #1) After the tunnel with Rolling Boulder, go down the next tunnel. Jump onto the pipe to the left and follow it to a Wall that opens to reveal a small room with a Red Armor inside. Leave the room from the opposite side to find 2 Cell.
  • #3) In the area before the rotating tube with small boulders inside, examine the side passages for a Button. Press it and you can jump up the red bars to an overhead walkway with a 100 Health.


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Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rottweiler 2 1 1
Grunt 25 7 6
Enforcer 8 36 49
Zombie 2 5 7
Centroid 0 3 9
Scrag 1 4 9
Shambler 0 1 0
Total 38 57 81



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