The Pumping Station is the first level of Fortress of the Dead. True to its name, the level features a Water canal and a reservoir. There are two simple scripted events related to accessing and disabling the Pump room, which is necessary in order to unlock several Doors. The level introduces the player to one of the new visual effects in Scourge of Armagon - the force field.

Quick Level Completion Edit

  • Exit the starting area, go to the bottom of the spiral staircase. (Middle floor exit leads to weapons.)
  • At the bottom, take the small side corridor leading to a room with a pipe.
  • Ascend the ramp, continue ahead until you reach the room with the rocket launcher. Collect it.
  • Dive into the water, and shoot a rocket into the pipe.
  • Surface, and shoot a rocket into the newly opened room, specifically to catch the explosive box in the blast.
  • Continue down the same corridor and ascend stairs until you reach the gold key.
  • Backtrack until you see the exit sign - follow the arrow to go through the gold key door, and to the slipgate.

Walkthrough Edit

Proceed forward to the opposite end of the corridor, then turn left. Continue forward to the end of the corridor and turn left again. Approach the Door in front of you and wait for it to open. Terminate the 2 Grunts in front of you. Ignore the Door in the lower left corner and instead continue downstairs to the left. Neutralize the 2 Grunts in this new room in front of you. Collect the Nailgun next to the small box of Nails against the wall in front of you. Collect the two 15 Health up against the wall to the left and in front. Collect the Nailgun against the wall in front of you. Turn left until you see a dark entrance. Go to that entrance and continue downstairs to the left. After going all the way downstairs, shoot the Enforcer to the left in this room. Go forward slightly, then turn left. Reach the opposite end of the corridor. Turn left again and continue down the metallic hallway. Go forward, then shoot the Grunt above the ramp in front of you. Finish offthe Grunt to your left. Collect the large box of Nails and the 15 Health against the wall to your left. Proceed up the ramp and look behind yourself. Terminate the Enforcer to the left of the EXIT sign in this metallic room. Turn back again, and then enter the metallic corridor with the grate on the floor. Shoot the Grunt after you turn left. Proceed forward to the end of the metallic corridor, then turn right. Terminate the Enforcer in front of you, then continue forwards to the end of the metallic hallway. Turn right and enter the metallic room with the Rocket Launcher in front of you and the large box of Rockets up against the wall to your left. Turn right until you see a pool of Water with bubbles coming out of it. Go into the Water, then turn around. Launch a Rocket in the open pipe on the front wall. A new message should appear and explosions should occur after you launch a Rocket in there. Return to where the Rocket Launcher existed. Enter the newly formed hole to the left in the metallic wall in front and then turn right. Destroy the only Radioactive Container in this new room, which exists up against the metal wall at the opposite end, then return through the hole right of you. Turn left and then reach the exit of the metal corridor. Face the opposite end that exists to the left. Go there. Turn right, and then proceed forwards to the stairs against the wall at the end in front of you. Collect the 25 Health behind the stairs here. Turn left, then collect the small box of Shells against the wall forward and right to you. Proceed up the stairs to your left. Look upwards, then neutralize the Enforcer who exists upstairs. Collect the two 15 Health against the front wall apart from each other. Continue up those stairs until you spot a Gold Key. Continue forwards until you hear a Grunt. Look both upwards and to the left until you see 2 Grunts. Light up both of those Grunts, then face the Gold Key again. Collect that Gold Key, then continue upstairs until you reach the end with an open entrance to the left. After turning left, take out the Grunt across from you. Proceed forward until you reach the first corner of the walkway. Look below to the lower level and exterminate the Enforcer, the Rottweiler and the 2 Grunts down there. Collect the small box of Rockets next to the 25 Health at the opposite and to the left end below. On the opposite end of the platform, collect the small box of Shells that exists way behind you. Follow the end of the wall to your left. After that, look left and collect the two 25 Health way back in the corner. Face the open entrance way behind you, then go into that open entrance. Continue down that path until you exist near the large entrance to your left. Collect the large boxes of Shells and Nails both up against the wall near that large entrance to your left. Face that large and open entrance. Proceed down it until you reach the large box of Shells at the end. Collect the 25 Health to the right and in front of you. Face the Grunt to your left in this hallway, then kill him. Continue down this hallway and approach the only Door here. Retake the path downstairs to your right. Continue forwards until you exist across from the open entrance to your right. Look right until you spot a large box of Shells in the small room in front of you. Enter that room, then collect those Shells. Turn left. Look right until you spot the Centroid in the hallway. Exterminate that Centroid. Reach the end of the little hallway that you currently exist in. Collect the small box of Rockets in front of you. Turn right, then finish off the Enforcer ahead of you in this same room. When the Grunt here comes into view, eliminate him. Proceed forward, then collect the large boxes of Shells and Nails to the right, and the small ones to the left. Face the hallway that had the living Centroid in it. Continue down that hallway to your first Laser Cannon. Eliminate the Enforcer protecting that arm. Go into the entrance that you see both ahead and to the left. Collect the small box of Shells up against the wall right of you. Kill the Grunt to your left near the computers at the opposite end, then kill the other Grunt that appears from the right.

Return downstairs to the room where you killed our first Enforcer. Go into the room ahead with the yellow light in it. Face the other Enforcer to your right, then dispatch him. Proceed down this one hall and terminate the Grunt to your right in this room. Collect the large box of Shells ahead and to the left of you. Proceed up the nearby staircase behind you until you exist outdoors. Exterminate the Centroid to your right, the Rottweiler, and the Grunt out here. Collect the small box of Nails to your right and the 15 Health across from you.

Return to the metallic room with the 2 dead Grunts and the dead Enforcer. Proceed up the ramp again, and then look behind yourself. Follow the EXIT sign to the hallway with a small box of Nails now ahead of you. Enter this room. Kill the 2 Grunts to your right after collecting the small box of Nails. Proceed down this hallway until you contact the red Button at the opposite end in here. Get onto the now lowered Elevator to your left, then turn right. Dispatch the Enforcer defending the locked Door ahead of you in here. Unlock this locked Door with your Gold Key. Light up the 2 Enforcers on the bridge in front of you. Proceed to the Door at the end of this bridge, then finish off the 2 Enforcers in this room. Collect the two 15 Health against the wall in front of you, and collect the small box of Nails to the right of them. Look behind yourself and enter the Slipgate in front of you.

Differences from Easy to NormalEdit

  • The first 2 Grunts are 2 Enforcers.
  • The room with the Nailgun contains an Enforcer towards the left end of the room.
  • The thin metal hallway downstairs contains an Enforcer.
  • Two Grunts exist to the right of the metal ramp downstairs.
  • The corridor, with the metal grate on the floor, contains 2 more Grunts, who both stand ahead of a yellow light across from the grate.
  • The metal room with the Rocket Launcher contains two Enforcers. One stands before the Rocket Launcher, and the other ahead of the destructible wall.
  • There exists an Enforcer between the two 15 Health up the first set of stairs.
  • Two Grunts guard the Gold Key between themselves.
  • Once the Gold Key is collect, an Enforcer spawns up the next set of stairs.
  • A Grunt exists next to the large box of Shells on the catwalk in the next room.
  • In the same room, two Enforcers stand apart from each other on the catwalk.
  • An Enforcer exists in the upstairs hallway with the blinking light.
  • Outdoors, there exists another Grunt and he walks near another Rottweiler
  • Way behind the Rottweiler and closer to the Water, there exists a Grunt standing next to another Rottweiler.
  • In the corridor with the Elevator Button, there exists another Grunt.
  • The Slipgate room contains a Centroid.
  • In the room with the 5 boxes of Ammo, there are 2 Enforcers gazing out the window instead of just one.
  • 2 Enforcers protect the Laser Cannon instead of just 1.
  • 3 Grunts exist in the computer room instead of just two.

Differences from Normal to Hard/NightmareEdit


  • #1) On the second floor of the main spiral staircase, turn left and shoot the Wall next to the staircase leading to the third floor to open an alcove with a Red Armor.
  • #2) In the corridor that blocks access to the level exit, look up and shoot the light that appears more yellow than the rest. A Computer Screen will open to reveal a Ring of Shadows.
  • #3) In the outdoor area, go under the bridge. Facing away from the door leading to the level's exit, look up and shoot a small Shootable Button. The Wall will open to reveal a Proximity Launcher, Shells, Nails, Rockets, and Cells.
  • #4) In the two-level Water reservoir, there is a staircase connecting the two levels. While on the staircase, look up to see a Shootable Button. Shoot it to gain access to a 100 Health.
  • #5) In the room with the exit Slipgate, go to the Crate to the right of it and jump to see a small Shootable Button on top of it. Shoot it to create a staircase next to the Crate, allowing you to climb up and reach a secret area with 100 Health inside.


  • It is possible to Rocket Jump from the yard onto the bridge leading to the level exit, effectively bypassing the entire level.
  • A deathmatch spawn point at 1424 -608 -152 (near exit) embeds the player in a wall. This places the player in the last known location. If that fails, it places the character as intended.
  • An enemy can be spawned inside the gold key door, making the player unable to open it normally. The door can be made to open by jumping into it, or the enemy can be killed with the Rocket Launcher.


Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rottweiler 2 4 4
Grunt 19 26 29
Enforcer 14 25 32
Centroid 2 3 4
Total 37 58 69



Spawn locationsEdit

  • Next to Nailgun near starting location
  • In corridor leading to Laser Cannon but facing away.
  • Either player's previous position, or near slipgate (see Glitches)
  • Bridge leading to exit, facing Grenade Launcher
  • In courtyard, near water passage
  • In courtyard, on opposite side of the bridge.
  • In room with stairs leading to courtyard
  • In pipe room, below exit sign
  • Near elevator which normally leads to level exit
  • Pipe room, near the exit of the new corridor
  • Rocket launcher room, second floor
  • Rocket launcher room, first floor
  • Lower stairwell for gold key
  • In room with rocket launcher and blastable pipe
  • On Double-Barreled Shotgun in the room with grate and bluish light
  • Upper stairwell with gold key, facing rocket launcher room
  • Behind Double-Barreled Shotgun, in corridor that's the first landing in the spiral stairs
  • Window overlooking courtyard
  • In room before blue forcefield


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