Guard is a Persistent Team Power-up that will be carried by the player until they are fragged. Team Power-ups are not limited by time and grant their abilities passively. It doesn't drop from player when he or she is fragged, instead it reappears back at the team's base.

In Team Arena it works pretty much like an unlimited Regeneration Power-up. Guard doubles the player's default health and armor limit on pickup, up to 200 health and armor (considering player has no handicaps) and gives health regeneration which will regenerate slowly and won't let health drop below the new, doubled limit. Player may replenish lost armor points by picking them up later. A player possessing Guard can improve their health even further (225 max) by using a Personal Medkit. Any health value above 200 will not be regenerated back. The Guard Power-up is generally preferred by heavy assault type players to dive into the enemy base.

In Quake Live, Guard Power-up is modified to cut 50% of incoming damage, which negates the new Doubler in a way. Guard is pretty weak when used alone, possessor should find armor pickups to play offensively or avoid close quarter combat and stay on defensive at the base, defending the flag or obelisk.


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