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Grid Control

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Unit 3

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Grid Control Computer

  • Primary: Destroy the security grid protecting the industrial region.
  • Secondary:
    • Locate and destroy grid control computer.
    • Proceed to next combat unit.

The Grid Control is the core of the lethal Strogg security system. The laser traps and smaller Strogg guards are but a prelude to the mighty guardian who watches over the maintenance hatch to the main computer (the first boss fight in the game).

The destruction of this computer would severaly cripple the Strogg security systems around the capital city of Cerberon, and give access to the Mine complex.

Quick Level Completion

  • Make your way forward, avoiding the laser beams.
  • Ride one of the two elevators up to the outdoor area.
  • Destroy the two Tanks that roam in the area.
  • Four sections of the central area's wall will collapse. Kill the Berserkers that will come out.
  • Defeat the Super Tank.
  • Find an opening in the center of the new area and climb down the ladder.
  • Follow the narrow path to an elevator and ride it up.
  • Press the Button to reveal the computer core. Beware of the roaming laser beams.
  • Shoot the Grid Control Computer with any weapon to destroy it.
  • Go through the door in the back of the room.
  • Activate the elevator to proceed to Unit 4.


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