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Grenade Jumps

In the Quake series, a Grenade Jump is using the explosion from a Grenade combined with a jump to reach high places. While this can injure the player, the distance covered by performing such a jump often can be rewarding for those strategic enough to manage their health. This skill is similar in concept to the Rocket Jump, but is performed with a Grenade Launcher instead of a Rocket Launcher. The effect can be amplified by obtaining the Quad Damage, although there will be a greater risk of dying.


While Quake was generally not designed with the Rocket Jump or Grenade Jump in mind, an exception exists in E4M4: the Palace of Hate where the player must Grenade Jump into a Teleporter to acquire one of the Secrets. A Grenade Jump is similar to a Rocket Jump, but the former is harder to master as the player must time the explosion of the Grenade. However, if correctly done, the player can jump higher or farther than if they were to perform a Rocket Jump.

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