Galena is a new character appearing in Quake Champions.

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Bio Edit

She was 4 years old when given as an offering to the Celebrants of Volkerh. The talon-priests weaned her on ash-milk and consulted the Guunt Shepherd to learn her fate. "She shall live as we do", it whispered, and in so doing would shape herself by the gloaming will of He Who Walks In Blood.

Like all children, she watched and imitated. She learned that crying and laughing were no different, so she stopped. She learned that blood is judgement and penance is sacrament.

She has grown powerful and grateful. She does not dream of her mother's world.

Statistics Edit

Start Max
Health (QC)
100 100
Armor (QC)
25 75
Speed (QC)
300 520

Ability Edit

Active:Galena's active ability is the "Unholy Totem". It gives teammates and/or the player an instant 50 health when they step into the radius. It kills any enemy who is in the radius. It is destroyed when a teammate or enemy activates it.

Passive: Galena depletes 5% of her cooldown when she picks up health bubbles.


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