In Quake 3, Flight is a multiplayer-only powerup that allows you to fly around a level for 60 seconds. Player can float in the air for 60 seconds and manage their height with jump and crouch buttons.

In Quake Live, Flight is changed to be a usable pickup item, which propels the player up high for a limited time when use item button is held down. Works like a jetpack instead of a permanent flight, with this way Flight can be used to be more unpredictable as you can change direction at mid-air pretty easily. Within the last patches Flight power-up is added to some new maps of Quake Live.


  • Even though Flight only appears on one official map, it gives you a major advantage! Being in the air makes it much harder for an enemy to hit you with projectiles or splash damage. While you're in the air, it's really easy to inflict a ton of damage with splash damage from the Rocket Launcher. Make sure that you're aren't close to a wall, and you should be fine. Remember that there are cruel hunters around with Railgun.
  • When you see somebody with flight, run into an enclosed space. Enclosed spaces negate Flight's ability to avoid splash damage. If you're in a map that doesn't have enclosed spaces, try keep moving. It's difficult for him to get a lock on when you're running around the map. If you're running, make sure that you're aren't using a pattern he can figure out, because he could figure it out and blow you away.
  • In Quake Live flight is in a different place at qzdm19, due to the edited map. It is down the hole near where it used to be, be careful. If you miss the flight you'll be stuck at the platform where bounce pads send you.

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