Enforcer (Q2)


Attack Damage

3 (bullet), 5-9 (melee)

Found in

Quake 2


Description: Strong, muscle-bound warrior who dishes out chain gun speed damage.

—Quake 2 Manual

In Quake 2, the Enforcer is a gruff, smoke-burnished enemy that resembles a muscular human and is one of the easiest Enemies in the game, it is comparable to a Guard with a bit more health. It is fairly common in the early levels but not so much in the later levels as the player gets closer to the increasingly highly important areas such as the Hangars and the Palace.


Chaingun (range) The Enforcer's primary attack is its right-arm mounted Chaingun which delivers lead at a fast pace. The Enforcer is severely limited with its Chaingun by the good second it takes to aim and fire, giving the player time to prepare for the incoming attack and/or retaliate. The Enforcer fires a pattern of 9 bullets (27 damage), reload, 13 bullets (39 damage), reload and then 9 bullets (27 damage), reload.

Club (melee) The Enforcer will use its Chaingun arm to hit the player if he/she gets too close dealing low damage of about 5 to 9. The Enforcer will run towards the player to either get a better shot with the Chaingun or if the player is close enough to smack him/her in this melee attack.


  • The Enforcer is an easy kill when on its own, not much more difficult than a Guard with better health. One close up Super Shotgun blast will easily gib the Enforcer but by constantly moving and circling it where possible to avoid the incoming bullets,any weapon above the Light Blaster will deal with the Enforcer within moments. Be weary of its post-death spasm in its arms that may cause its Chaingun to let off a few rounds before the Enforcer falls to the ground. They are really only a threat in the very first level before the Machine gun and Super Shotgun are available (especially on Hard when you will face 3 - 5 at once).
  • The Enforcer, along with the Gunner, has a ducking animation, where it crouches to avoid enemy fire. This can be used as an advantage to the player. During this animation, the Enforcer is completely offensiveless, which means the player can go all out without taking damage for a couple seconds. If the light blaster is the only weapon available, repeatedly fire at the Enforcer's legs. He will continue to crouch as if he was ducking shots, so he will not be able to attack. Just keep firing at the legs until he is vanquished. This may take anywhere from 7-13 shots, depending on the difficulty.
  • A group of Enforcers is also easy to take out, treat them as one, circle them if possible or just strafe side to side to avoid getting hit by too much lead and return fire and kill them one by one. Or if they are tightly packed together, an explosive weapon such as the Grenade Launcher or Rocket Launcher works well against these brutes.
  • With other enemies, the Enforcer is nothing more than a nuisance. Because they need to frequently reload, they won't be able to a lot of damage to you, compared to other enemies that might be in the group. Even Machine Gun Guards will be able to do more damage to you than they will. Instead of dedicating an attack to kill it, use explosives near it so that splash damage kills it and wounds other, more important enemies


  • If an explosive is used on the Enforcer with a direct hit with a Rocket Launcher or Grenade Launcher, the Enforcer will die showing no blood.
  • The Enforcer's chaingun is attached to its right arm.

Other AppearancesEdit

The Enforcer can be seen piloting Rocket Turrets in Unit 3 and Unit 8.

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