Empathy shield

Empathy Shield

When this magic shield is activated, all damage received by the player is split between the player and the attacker. "Feel my pain, buddy!"

—Scourge of Armagon Manual

This shield allows you to turn the table on those unwitting opponents. Whatever damage you take they receive half of it back in kind.

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The Empathy Shield is a new Powerup introduced in Scourge of Armagon.

The shield's effect is that it returns 50% of the damage received by the player back to the attacker.


In Single Player, the Empathy Shield can be useful in situations where one is facing many monsters at once. While you focus your attacks on some of them, the others will also receive damage — reflected by the shield.

In Multiplayer, the Empathy Shield will make other players think twice about using a powerful weapon against you, especially if their health is low.

Death MessagesEdit

  • "Attacker" feels "Player"'s pain
  • "Attacker" shares "Player"'s pain

Timeout MessagesEdit

  • Empathy Shields are running out


Getting the Empathy Shield
Empathy Shield being hit