Eastern warehouse
Eastern Warehouse

Ground Zero


Unit 2

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  • Primary: Gain access to Waterfront Storage Facility
  • Secondary: Find entrance location and destroy all resistance

The Eastern Warehouse is the first level of Unit 2 of Ground Zero. The level begins the moment you leave the mine elevator and make the first step in the Strogg base. Unfortunately, you can't return to the mines, because the elevator is destroyed by an earthquake unleashed by the destruction of the Tectonic Stabilizer in the previous unit.

Your aim in this unit is quite simple - proceed through the base to the control room, where you will acquire the Red key card, which is necessary to gain access to Waterfront Storage Facility.


  • #1) Press the keyboard of computer console to disable red security lasers. Then get a power cube to disable track. For the cargo train, there are two platform carts. Under the side of empty cart, there is a hole on the track. Crouch and drop down to get the Invulnerability
  • #2) After passed through a collapsed slope, enter the room and this message displays, 'Building integrity compromised. Electrical systems unstable. Extreme caution is advised.' Rush down to get another power cube before touching electric-charged water. Immediately jump up from boxes to the opposite side. Press the button to seal power terminal and re-route backup power. Under the collapsed bridge in discharged water, crouch down to get the Adrenaline
  • #3) After the red key card is obtained, use the elevator to return up. Jump from top of boxes repeatedly to the other side and get the Megahealth
  • #4) Nearby the exit door of this level, there is a cave under the large slope. Enter the secret passage and get the Body Armor.

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