E1M1: The Slipgate Complex

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E1M1: The Slipgate Complex
Basic Information



The Doomed Dimension


John Romero


The Journey

Level Theme


Previous Map


Next Map

E1M2: Castle of the Damned

Specific Information

10 (Easy), 23 (Normal), 42 (Hard/Nightmare)



New Weapons

Double-Barrelled Shotgun, Nailgun

New Powerups

Green Armor, 15 Health, 25 Health, 100 Health, Quad Damage, Biosuit, Yellow Armor

New Barriers and Hazards

Button, Movable Wall, Radioactive Container, Slime, Teleporter, Triggered Door, and Elevator

New Enemies

Grunt, Rottweiler

New Miscellaneous

Strogg Crate


The Slipgate Complex is the first level of the Doomed Dimension. The level serves as a relatively gentle introduction to the gameplay of Quake (even on harder skill settings). It consists of two buildings with a small River between them. The smaller building is where the player starts and it is relatively safer. The larger building is where most of the action takes place - it features several larger rooms, a large Slime pool, and a series of platforms above it.

The only enemies found in this level are Rottweilers and Grunts, which can be easily dispatched with the Shotgun and, later, the Double-Barrelled Shotgun and Nailgun. The Secrets are also easy to find, often having two ways of accessing if the first way is missed.

Quick Level CompletionEdit

  • Take first left and ride Elevator down. Cross the bridge and enter the building.
  • Follow the path left to pool of Slime and push Button to reveal bridge.
  • Follow path down ramp whilst pressing three Buttons to open the door at the bottom.
  • Follow corridor to exit.


Move forward a foot or two and move to your right to be able to go up on a ledge you can shoot to get Shotgun Shells (#1). Back in the room go on the wooden ledge on the other side. Jump a ledge, collect the Shells, and turn the corner to get some Green Armor. Go through the Door on the opposite side. Press the Button to go down the Elevator and kill the Rottweiler and Grunt. Nearby is some Water you can jump into (#2). On the other side of the bridge is a building. On the left side there is a 15 Health, plus there are two 25 Health located to the right of where you came in. Enter the building by the nearby Door. A Grunt will greet you when you open the Door, but can be easily killed by the Radioactive Container. Collect a 15 Health next to the Radioactive Container. To the right is a pillar near some Shells where you can shoot a globe to raise a platform (#3). On the left is an Elevator next to a pool of Slime located by taking another right, as well as another Grunt standing by the Elevator. Take the nearby lift up and follow the catwalk to find the Nailgun, and as a Wall moves as the room goes dark, a Grunt and some Nails. Now extend the ledge over the Slime by pressing the Button beside it while killing the 2 Grunts across the Slime . Before continuing look to the left for a Shootable Button (#4). Go through the corridor and head down the spiralling ramp, pressing the 3 Buttons and killing the 2 Grunts, one between the first and second Button, and the other between the third Button and the Biosuit room, as you go to open the Door at the end. There is also a 15 Health by the third Button. While going make sure to collect (#5) and (#6). Finally, run up this corridor while collecting the 15 Health and killing the last Grunt. Collect the 25 Health, 15 Health, and Nails, and go to the Slipgate at the end of the corridor.

Differences from Easy to Normal Edit

Differences from Normal to Hard/Nightmare Edit

E1M1 - The Slipgate Complex05:41

E1M1 - The Slipgate Complex


  • #1) At the start of the level, go forward and turn to your right and jump onto the ledge with flashing lights. Text will appear telling you to shoot the wall. Then turn to the right again and shoot the Wall torwards the entrance to obtain 20 Shotgun Shells.
  • #2) In the outdoor area with the bridge, drop off to the right of it and go through the Water into a cavern to find a 100 Health. The Door is locked until you shoot the wall near the exit Slipgate, thus you must continue swimming on until you reach an Elevator leading back to the Green Armor.
  • #3) After the bridge area, you will enter a building. To the right is a pillar, and around the back of this pillar is a moving globe sign. Stand as near to the ledge opposite this Moving Globe as possible and shoot it: the Floor should rise to put you on the ledge. Now turn to your right, collect the 15 Health, and shoot a second Moving Globe to open a Wall to find a short passage to a Quad Damage. This area also connects to the corridor after the Slime if you shoot the wall to the right before getting to the stairs.
  • #4) After pushing a Button to extend a ledge over a pit of Slime, turn to your left while standing on that ledge to find a Shootable Button. Shoot this, then turn to your left to see an alcove behind a Wall containing a Double-Barrelled Shotgun.
  • #5) When going down the ramp and pushing the 3 Buttons, jump on the light next to the third and final Button. Next, jump onto the Button, and finally jump across to the protruding blocks you should see sticking out of the overhang nearby. This will take you to a 100 Health.
  • #6) Just after Secret #5 and before moving into the exit corridor, there should be 2 pillars: behind the right one is a Biosuit. Grab this, and then jump in the slime nearby. There should be a passage that leads to an apparent dead-end, but you can swim up through a hole and collect the two 25 Health, a 15 Health, and a Yellow Armor. A Teleporter leads to an area overlooking the Radioactive Container.


Type Count
Easy Normal Hard/Nightmare
Rottweiler 1 5 8
Grunt 9 18 34
Total 10 23 42


E1M1 - The Slipgate Complex (Deathmatch)04:11

E1M1 - The Slipgate Complex (Deathmatch)

Differences Edit

Spawn LocationsEdit


  • The original name for this level was jrbase1, signifying it was the first idBase map by John Romero.
  • The level originally would start with the player in the outside area at the spot the Elevator lands. The first building was added to show off some of the 3D aspects and allow the player to jump more.


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