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  • I live in Massachusetts, New England, USA
  • I was born on April 24
  • My occupation is Shooting stuff in numerous old school FPS
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About Me

Hi, I am Deathstalker666 and I am an addict to old school FPS titles. I am quite the oddity with my tastes, not being able to stand FPS titles made before Quake due to being 2.5d. While I have played such games and can tolerate them for quite a bit, I tend to get tired with all sprite-based games eventually, not being able to have the passion for them like I would for Quake and newer 3d based FPS titles. There are many titles I have yet to try and eventually plan on playing, though it seems my cut-off point is around 2004. Games in 2004 and later appear to have extreme linearity, enforced cutscenes (meaning they can't be skipped), and just lose the fast-paced action that defined the late nineties titles.

I have been an admin for Quakewikia for a couple of years, starting out as a regular and eventually getting promoted due to my extreme dedication. For years I have tried to find a community that looks at gaming in a specific manner, whereby custom content is not treated as inferior to the original game. Many Wikias refuse to add anything that is not part of the original games. Other Wikias add custom mods and levels, but will confine the information to one page. My goal is to obtain what I have wanted for years, the perfect resource for all in-game related content (I am not too big on writing technical for these games, there is another QuakeWiki out there that seems to focus on that avenue anyway).

There will be some limitations as to how these pages will be written. I don't believe in throwing a bunch of mod content onto a page for original game content, meaning I will always try my hardest to keep them separated (to the point that I disbelieve in 3rd party software ports, beyond the official ones, being used outside of their pages). Basically, things that would get added to another article would get added to the mod page, while things that deserve their own page (custom weapons, enemies, stuff like that) will get their own pages. I have created, for example, a page on the Transporter in Aftershock for Quake and Water Elevator for Dark Hour. Hazards are a bit odd, they depend on implementation and functionality, meaning certain things that aren't changed greatly (such as the boat in E1M1: House of Desolution) will not be getting their separate pages but instead be listed with the rest of the textures on the Aftershock Level Theme.

I am mainly a Quake fan, my knowledge of the rest of the series is limited at best (though I eventually plan on playing them). I am responsible for the walkthroughs for the original game; as well as Dark Hour, Q2, and Aftershock for Quake (this will probably change as I continue to add walkthroughs to the Wikia). Before I could get to my goal of custom content, I had to create a strong foundation for all content afterwards to follow. Being an extremely detail oriented person, I became passionate about the walkthrough series and created the syntax used for all walkthrough pages (at least those related to the first Quake). My syntax is rather difficult, a lot being based on specific cases and exceptions, plus the creation of a single walkthrough page can take time. Possibly my greatest flaw is that I make the walkthroughs quite unapproachable, most people appear to leave the creation of walkthroughs to me (I would consider the walkthroughs the hardest pages to write on the Wikia, especially for someone who has never done it before). You have to have a passion for levels (I enjoy tinkering with level design software and everything related to the levels themselves) to have the drive to write these walkthroughs, but those with such a passion will find writing these to be an enjoyable experience.

Writing walkthroughs isn't for everyone, I would recommend that most people find their own passions and not force something on themselves that they don't enjoy (playing terrible Add-ons means that you have to have a passion for the game, for new content, and for creating walkthroughs). If you don't have a lot of time to devote, you can still create the walkthroughs due to no time limit being in place for this stuff to be created (I believe heavily in a quality over quantity to the point that I rarely put up red links). If you get tired and need to take a break, you are free to stop and come back to it later (I took a hiatus for two years on the walkthroughs at one point). Notice that if you create a walkthrough, you are basically making a fork on the current template for the new page. I tend to change the syntax constantly, realizing new and improved methods for getting something done, which will require all pages to be updated with the new rule. Note that I focus mainly on the stuff I have written, meaning it is up to those people that wrote the forks to keep them updated with the walkthroughs (I am currently responsible for keeping three walkthrough series up to date with the main game's, which I am also somewhat responsible for).

Between writing walkthroughs and QLCs (Quick level completions for those not wanting 100%), plus maintaining a library for all textures of the Level Themes and creating a concurrent video walkthrough series, I tend to be pretty active on the Wikia. Send me any questions or even criticisms you may have, I am pretty talkative (if you haven't noticed by my very long About Me section). At the same time I am juggling a couple other projects (including a couple Let's Play series), so I might take a bit depending on the day, but I tend to respond to almost every message that is directed towards me. Of course, I am a bit insane (hey, you would be too after enduring such horrible Add-ons) so my answers may make absolutely no sense, but it is the thought that counts!

Punching Barons

Besides administrating here, I also spend a lot of time doing Youtube videos. One of my largest series is the Punching Barons Doom PWAD playthrough. This has led to numerous resources as I document various things about the early 1994 Doom PWAD levels I encounter. Doom and me have a bit of an odd relationship, I can tolerate it to an extent but get easily frustrated without mouselook. As such, I have mouselook in all my videos, though I try to not use it to my advantage if I can help it. I may also need to resort to cheats, either because I assume a Secret is broken or because a Secret is legitimately broken. Regardless, this is potentially one of the most thorough playthroughs you can get of early 1994 Doom PWADs, as of writing this I am the only person to have potentially reviewed several levels seen in my series. I am pretty much devoted to getting 100% completions, so I end up showing off the entirety of the level. I am not the most fast paced of players, this isn't a speed run, but if you want a series where I bumble along and try to gather everything in the world look no further.

Why Punching Barons? Well, you start the earliest PWAD of all time and it becomes mandatory to punch the Barons of Hell to get 100% completion. Later on I ran into other levels such as Elevator and AMBUSH. The latter in particular left such an impression with the number of Barons I needed to punch in a ridiculously narrow corridor which led to hours of tedium. Pretty much, it was one of the largest moments that stuck with me of early 1994 PWADs (from what I played, after a certain point it turns into a blind playthrough). It turned out this wasn't exactly necessary to suffer the way I did in AMBUSH, but the name stuck, and so we get a series named after something you barely if ever do.

Main Series

Side Series

Additional Resources

Notes to Myself and Anybody Else Interested

  • Secret hex colors are #e02c2c for "red" and #0000ff for "blue". The former refers to anything active, you must attack something or otherwise force something to get to the secret (such as a button or shootable wall). Blue is for passive elements, those that are either byproducts of the red (such as a wall that opens when a button is hit) or just passive elements in and of themselves (walking up to it will open it). Opacity is 30%.
  • Sometimes the cd may be corrupted or sometimes you may have downloaded it by Steam, but in either case your music is not working. You need to use _inmm.dll to get it functional.


I am planning on doing the pages year-by-year. This means I will focus on the year Quake came out, 1996, before moving onto 1997's content. In such a manner we can watch the evolution of the community. My direction also takes me through a pathway filled with tons of obscure maps not covered ANYWHERE else on the internet, making our Wikia quite the valuable resource. Almost everyone will want to do Quake and the official mission packs, but it takes some real passion to do some of the worst levels known to man (Q2 especially).


There, you have just found my page and stalked my interests. I guess you should be happy with yourself. For your hard labor, I give you a cookie. If you are in private mode (embarrassed about being seen on Quake wikia?) then no cookie for you!

1500 Edits

Well Done! You have achieved 1500 edits! Wow you are really dedicated to the wiki. We are happy to have you here =D

10,000 Edits

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