Lv.20 Data Storage Terminal
Data Storage Terminal

Quake 4


Operation: Last Hope

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Operation: Last Hope

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Data Storage Security

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Dark Matter Gun


Data Storage Terminal is the 20th level of Quake 4.

Right after the briefing room from the Hannibal cut short, when the Strogg directly assault of the Headquarter. The commanders order all battalion to defense this onslaught, While the other half readying to assault the Data Storage Tower to securing the area including Kane himself. Now, It is time to end the war once and for all.  


Assault on the Tower

As the level starts, you're riding the launch pod to the Terminal for the primary objective to deactivate the security, witnessing a lot of pods being shot down as tranmission everywhere of panic. Once the pod stops you find another marine, who is finishing off another grunt.

Inside the Tower

Head through the door you encounter another Grunts. Take it out as you hear the tranmission to request you to regroup as soon as possible. Go through the door and encounter the Gunner. Take him out as well and go through the left door, where it is full of Tactical Strogg. Rocket Launcher, Machine Gun and Shotgun are capable against them depending on the difficulty. After taking them out head through the door. Crouch your way through as your team-mate is left behind to guard the area. Once you out, head through the left door. Go straight and left once again as you witness a grunt coming out. Take it out and go to the elevator to go up as the transmission requesting help. At the same time, another pod come through and crashes into the place. Crouch your way through the crash entry point and find the Lieutenant, he will tell you that the tower is now offline. You need to go down below to activate the body parts of Strogg. Once the conversation is over, head right, where you find the control that releases the Repair Bot. You need to do this or you can't progress, as it will extinguish the fire to clear the path. To the right of the control, jump down to the floor below. Go through the door, where you witness a grunt is being burned alive with no way of getting out, go to another door again. You see in the middle of the room repair bots repairing the Dark Matter Gun, the most powerful gun in the game. Take out the bots and save before you grab, after grabbing it 4 Guards will spawn, and 8 more spawn as you kill them. Take them out with grenades, after 8 are dead the door out at the far end on the right will unlock. Head through the door and the marines from Eagle squad join you to lead them down to the Security. Activate the elevator to come up to lead you down as the marines follow you and level ends.


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