550 (in the front), 400 (on the back)

Attack Damage

4 (blaster)



Found in

Ground Zero


The Daedalus is an enemy only seen in the Quake 2 mission pack: Ground Zero. The Daedalus is in fact the Icarus with many upgrades. The Daedalus has more health than the Icarus and has a shield to protect it, like the Brains. The Daedalus is a common enemy seen in Ground Zero because it is seen in most places in the game, like Turrets. The visual difference between the Daedalus and the Icarus is that the Icarus is red, whereas the Daedalus is lime green.


  • The Daedalus is a more powerful version of the Icarus, so it will won't be treated the same way. The best weapons to defeat it is: the Hyperblaster, Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Super Shotgun, Chain Gun, Railgun, BFG10k, Plasma Beam, and ETF Rifle. Not much other info for this part, just be careful, these guys can come around any time.
  • The Daedalus makes a specific ambient sound when it is nearby - use this to your advantage.
  • Also, shoot their back since the power armor of them only protected their front rather then back. In a huge group Daedalus, hide around a corner and grab your Chain Gun, Hyperblaster or Railgun. Then peek around the corner and kill the one that's in your range. Kill them one by one until they are all dead. This is useful because if you run into a big group of Daedalus without picking a spot to hide, you'll take a lot of damage.


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