Entering Tunnels Of Mayhem or Tunnels of Mayhem is the eleventh level of DEATHMATCH Maps. The map is made up of a couple of interconnected corridors, with the exit Teleporter being found on a side corridor off one of the main tunnels.

Quick Level Completion

  • Proceed forward to reach the next room.
  • Go through the doorway to the left, then follow the corridor to the end.
  • Turn left, then proceed forward to reach an intersection.
  • Turn right, then proceed forward to a Door.
  • Go through the Door, then continue forward to exit the level.

Spawn Locations

Important Item Locations



Room-By-Room Summarization

DMAS11 - Entering Tunnels Of Mayhem

DMAS11 - Entering Tunnels Of Mayhem

Rocket Launcher Room

Super Nailgun Room

Exit Door Corridor

  • Nailgun beside doorway leading to Square Branches Corridor further from exit Door.
  • Shells near corridor leading to exit Door.
  • Nails at intersection near Square Branches Corridor closer to exit Door.
  • 25 Health between doorways leading to Square Branches Corridor.
  • Exit Door between Rocket Launcher Room and Super Nailgun Room, leads to exit Teleporter. Walking into the small corridor with the exit Door results in the message "The End Is Near" being displayed.

Square Branches Corridor

Bare Corridors

Long Corridor

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