Water Transport or Water Transport DM is the ninth level of DEATHMATCH Maps. This level features a large column of Water that is used to access various floors of the map. The Pit is found behind a Door at the bottom of the level.

Quick Level Completion

  • Turn left, then enter the Water column to your left.
  • Swim to the bottom of the Water column to reach a Door.
  • Go through the Door to exit the level.

Spawn Locations

Important Item Locations



  • Biosuit - Floor #2 of Second Section, beam side of platform in Water column between Floor #1 of Bottom Section and Floor #2.
  • Green Armor - Platform in Water column between Floor #1 of Bottom Section and Floor #2 of Second Section.
  • Yellow Armor - Platform of Floor #4 of Top Section, middle.

Room-By-Room Summarization

DMAS09 - Water Transport06:10

DMAS09 - Water Transport

Bottom Section

  • Rocket Launcher on platform in Water column between Pit and Floor #1.
  • 4 Nails, 1 on each side of Floor #1.
  • Pit at bottom of map, in Water column, behind Door. Going through Door results in the message "The End Is Near" being displayed.

Second Section

Third Section

  • 4 Rockets, 1 on each side of Floor #3.

Top Section

DMAS08: Little Piece Of Heaven Aftershock Levels DMAS10: Porch Of Doom

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