Little Piece Of Heaven or Piece of Heaven DM is the eighth level of DEATHMATCH Maps. This level does not use the custom designated texture for Teleporters, instead opting to use the texture normally used to represent the sky. This level is designed as a hub with a couple Teleporters leading to various sections of the map, the exit Teleporter is found behind a Door across from the other Teleporters.

Quick Level Completion

  • Turn around, then proceed forward to the wall.
  • Turn right, then proceed forward to the wall.
  • Turn right, then continue forward to reach the staircase.
  • Turn right to descend the staircase.
  • Proceed through the Teleporter straight ahead, then cross the next room to reach a Door.
  • Go through the Door, then head down the staircase.
  • At the bottom of the staircase, proceed forward to exit the level.

Spawn Locations

  • Top platform of V-Beam Section.
  • Top platform of Hub Section. (corrupt)
  • Upper platform of lower level, Hub Section. (corrupt)
  • Upper platform of lower level, Hub Section. (corrupt)
  • Halfway platform leading to upper platform of lower level, Hub Section. (corrupt)
  • Platform of Nailgun Section.
  • Platform of Rockets Section.
  • Underneath top platform of V-Beam Section.
  • Lower level of V-Beam Section, between staircase and Teleporter to Hub Level. (corrupt)

Important Item Locations



Room-By-Room Summarization

DMAS08 - Little Piece Of Heaven10:19

DMAS08 - Little Piece Of Heaven

Hub Section

V-Beam Section

Nailgun Section

Rockets Section

DMAS07: Gavin's Courtyard Aftershock Levels DMAS09: Water Transport

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