Combat 2
Combat Armor
Damage Absorption


Found in

Quake 2


In Quake 2, Combat Armor is a type of armor that absorbs 60% of an attack and gives you 50 armor points, with 100 armor points at the max. The Combat Suit is Quake 2's version of the Yellow Armor.


Single PlayerEdit

In single player, Combat Armor is uncommon until you get past the Factory hub, then become the most common after that. That's a very good thing, because a lot of hard-hitting enemies become common after the Factory hub, and you'll need all of the protection you can get.


In multiplayer, Combat Armor is very useful, even though you only get 50 armor points when you pick one up. Those 50 points can allow you to survive and take out an enemy that shot you with a powerful weapon, such as a Railgun or Rocket Launcher. Whenever you get a chance, always try to find a Combat Armor or two. A player that has 100 armor points from Combat Suits can be pretty hard to kill.

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