Chaingun (TA) – Black
Chain Gun
Production information


Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

7 per bullet

Maximum Ammunition

200 rounds

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

Chain Gun Bullets (white)

Rate of Fire

Spread of 600


Infinite range of 131,072 units


Quake 3 Team Arena


In Quake 3 Team Arena, the Chain Gun (or CG) is a powerful weapon that quickly fires bullets. Unlike the Chain Gun from Quake 2, the TA one will begin firing at it's highest rate of fire instantly. However, it will eat through ammo in no time, so having an effective backup weapon is almost required when using the Chain Gun.


  • The Chain Gun works best at close range, where it can tear apart enemies in a matter of seconds. Even armored opponents will quickly fall to it. At longer ranges, the Chain Gun is still effective, but quite a few of the shots will miss the target. As always, prediction skills will be very useful for this weapon especially for the defence against the opponent that are stealing the team flag.
  • If you can, try get close to your target before firing. Surprise attacks can make the CG very effective, even though it emits a lot of sound when it fires. Invisibility is a great powerup to use along with this weapon, as it makes surprise attacks very easy to do.
  • If you're in an open area, try to lure the enemy into a small room with another, semi-expendable weapon (such as the Machine Gun), then take out the Chain Gun and open fire when they get into the room.
  • When going against somebody that has the Chain Gun, stay away from him! The Chain Gun will destroy you if you get anywhere close to it, so get far away to reduce the amount of damage the Chain Gun user can do.
  • Chain Gun's best damage per second potential can be taken with Doubler class power-up.
  • The Chain Gun is essentially a modified Machine Gun that fires faster and has less accuracy. This makes it only very good at very close ranges, so consider carrying a Shotgun with you to deal damage at mid-range where the Chain Gun struggles.


Along with Nailgun and Proximity Launcher, Chain Gun has been removed from all maps of Quake Live since the August 27 update. However, it can be obtained through cheat code.


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