Q2 chaingun
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 8 [SP]
  • 6 [MP]
Maximum Ammunition

200 rounds

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type


Rate of Fire

Up to ~28/s


Quake 2

The chain gun makes mince meat out of your enemy, but requires an insane amount of ammunition. The long spin up and spin down time makes the chain gun most effective for sustained attacks.

—The Quake II Manual

The Chain Gun, or "CG", is a multibarrelled automatic Gun that can shred any target into giblets in a matter of moments. It starts out with the same rate of fire as the Machine Gun, and then unleashes a hail of bullets. At its max, it'll fire around 28 bullets per second. While the CG has mediocre accuracy, the sheer amount of lead it puts into the air easily compensates for that.

Because of its high rate of fire, it'll eat up all of the ammo you have in a matter of seconds, but ammo for it is pretty easy to find in Single and Multiplayer.

To prevent ammo wastage, try to time it so that the Chain Gun finishes off its target as it winds down.

This gun is similar to Doom series' version of Chain Gun, though the latter ones have a slower rate of fire.


Single PlayerEdit

  • In SP, the Chain Gun can demolish every type of enemy with no problem. Even Tank Commanders fall to it in a matter of seconds. If you're in a room with multiple tough enemies, the CG is the weapon to use. Just don't waste it on weak enemies, like Guards. Use the Machine Gun on them.


  • The Chain Gun is a beast in MP. It can take out even the most heavily-armored target in a matter of seconds. It has a somewhat-focused spread, which makes it even deadlier.
  • If you see somebody with it, run away and try to hit them with splash damage as you're running. They'll tear you up in a matter of seconds.
  • If you have to fight somebody that has it, try to trick them into constantly warming up the Chain Gun without actually firing it. This gives you a lot of time to score some hits, but is pretty risky. While this tactic will usually work on the uninitiated, experienced players will NOT fall for it nearly as often. A way to counter this tactic is to keep the barrels spinning, fire while enemy is in sight. Although this will sometimes waste some rounds and quite difficult to master, you will be better prepared.


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