These armor-plated, techno-advanced scorpion creatures are huge and pissed. They carry dual nail guns for claws to get your attention, but get too close and you'll have a stinger in your face.

—Scourge of Armagon Manual

This is one pissed cyborg scorpion. With 2 nail-guns attached to him, and a deadly stinger on him, you better be able to run. The Centroid doesn't move that quickly, but can strafe and rotate fast. Watch out!

Ritual’s official website

These armor-plated, techno-advanced scorpion creatures are huge, not to mention pissed. You may find yourself asking the question, "Who is the sadistic bastard that attached dual nail guns to a big cyborg scorpion?"

Activision’s official website

A Centroid (called Scourge in the game files) is a large mechanical scorpion-like creature which appears in Scourge of Armagon. Centroids are very aggressive and will often start (and win) monster Infighting on their own.


Centroids are very formidable and will dodge slow moving projectiles via strafing. The Centroid's Nailguns are threatening and will inflict decent damage to an unarmored player. The Centroid's tail, however, is much worse and a single hit will nearly kill any unarmored player even on lower difficulties.


  • The Centroid isn't very dangerous if the player uses cover. Any weapon other than the Axe can be useful to fight this Enemy. Grenades and Rockets won't be as effective because Centroids will dodge the direct hit catching only a meager amount of splash damage. High tier weapons like the Super Nailgun, Thunderbolt, and Laser Cannon will kill a Centroid in a matter of seconds, not even requiring the player to use cover.
  • Even though the Centroid's tail is quite slow, using the Axe is not recommended, because sometimes Monsters will shoot at you even at point-blank range.
  • The Centroid is very easy to provoke monster infights due to the Centroid continuously firing the Nailgun, perhaps even provoking several monsters. The tail is quite powerful and can easily dispose of a Grunt or Enforcer in two or three stings.

Death MessagesEdit

  • "Player" was stung by a Centroid


  • Interestingly, the design of the enemy itself make another appearance in Hexen II as it look very similar to it only without any mechanical attachment.


Centroid walking
Centroid spotting an opponent
Centroid being aware of threat
Centroid swinging its tail
Centroid being injured
Centroid dying



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