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The Cargo Bay is the first area of the Strogg moon base. Having just emerged from the docked freighter, Joker finds himself in a storage area and must advance to the core of the moon base, which houses its main reactor.

The level features a number of hallways, crate-filled rooms, and larger chamber near the exit. There is a large hangar, which is initially blocked by a force field, but becomes the final area of the game later, as the player must board an awaiting shuttle and escape from the base before it blows up.

The level features lower gravity, which allows the player to make higher and longer jumps, or fall from greater heights without taking damage.

Quick Level Completion

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Differences from Easy to Normal

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Differences from Normal to Hard / Hard+

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#1: In the hallway lined on top by windows, jump across the crates to find a suit of Combat Armor.

#2: In the same area, upstairs, use the crates to reach the rafters. At the end of the rafters, shoot the Strogg symbol on the wall to uncover some Adrenaline. This is the last vial of Adrenaline in the game—it's a good thing there's only one stage left, since Joker is probably about to die of a heart attack.

#3: When you reach the balcony above the first room, look into the far corner, where a Quad Damage lies in wait.

#4: In the large crate room, on the left, is a ledge with a Gladiator on top. Jump to this ledge, and shoot the wall to the left to find some health.

#5: In the big, circular room near the end, look above the exit door to find two buttons. Shoot them, and an elevator appears, which will take you to a suit of body armor.



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