Blaster2 v
Production information
Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit
  • 10 (SP)
  • 15 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode


Rate of Fire



Quake 2

This is the standard issue rechargeable energy side-arm. It does not require ammunition. Useful for taking down Guards as well as exploding barrels and setting off shootable buttons and secret doors. Keep one on you at all times.

—The Quake II Manual

The Blaster is the starting Weapon in Quake 2. Because of its slow rate of fire, minimal damage, and slow projectiles, the Blaster is considered a weapon of desperation.


Single PlayerEdit

  • Bitterman starts with this weapon. Use it on the Guards until you get the Shotgun. Once you get the Shotgun, Do not use it on enemies because ANYTHING stronger than a guard, you might as well be throwing wads of paper. A benefit to the Blaster is that it does not require ammunition to function, so its application is best employed on things other than combat, such as destroying the environment.
  • You can light up your way in the dark corridors (however, you can accidentally alert monsters to your presence).
  • With Quad Damage, it can kill ANY Guard in 1 shot. Otherwise, it's quite useless.


  • You'll respawn with it every time you die. The Blaster is more or less useless, as experienced players will quickly dodge its slow projectiles and wipe you out even before you get a hit.
  • Some players may deliberately choose to use only the Blaster as a form of challenge, or to prove how skillful they are.
  • The blaster can also be used as a humiliation weapon, If you think your target has low health try using the blaster for a humiliation kill!
  • However, despite all its weaknesses, it must be noted that the blaster does share the anti-armor properties of most energy weapons in the game.